JULY 15 – 2019

Brisbane City Council

Brisbane City Council is to implement the cutting edge Novoplan software to manage over $130 million it receives annually from developer provided infrastructure charges.

The software, developed by Brisbane-based PIE Solutions reduces the time required to calculate and track infrastructure charges and infrastructure contributions provided by developers. Novoplan will also enable Brisbane City Council to more efficiently manage its various infrastructure charge incentive policies and complex infrastructure agreement processes.

The Novoplan software is also used by Economic Development Queensland and the Townsville City Council where it has been an outstanding success and has already repaid its investment in savings.

Brisbane City Council will join Townsville City Council and Economic Development Queensland at the forefront of innovation in this area of its operations. Using Novoplan will also ready these organisations for the implementation of the State government’s infrastructure charging transparency reforms announced earlier this year.

Novoplan project director Dr Alison Wolfenden said it was a big step for the company.

“Securing the largest local government in Australia after an extensive procurement process is a significant milestone on Novoplan’s journey to be the market leading infrastructure charging business system in Australia,’’ Dr Wolfenden said.

“We are very excited to get started on the project and deliver what we expect to be a transformative business system for Brisbane City Council.’’

After the implementation of Novoplan at Townsville City Council the Planning and Development chair and Deputy Mayor Les Walker said the software’s ability to manage developer infrastructure charges saved a lot of time and would allow the council to predict its future infrastructure needs more accurately.

“It makes it much simpler and quicker for our town planners to calculate infrastructure charges by automating time consuming processes,’’ Cr Walker said.

“Depending on the level of development activity in a year, it could save council hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Implementation of Novoplan at Brisbane City Council is expected to commence in July 2019.